What Is Micellar Casein Protein Powder Exactly?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Have you ever asked yourself what is micellar casein protein powder exactly? Up to now I had never heard of this, however it is most interesting and I hope you find this article as fascinating as I found doing the research.

Whey protein and micellar are both derived from milk however they respond in very different ways in the body. Whey protein is a protein that works incredibly fast in the body. It is assimilated quickly into the system. You will find that body builders normally takes whey at all three phases of training as they can digest it rapidly. This enables them to (blank) get the benefit of whey when they need it. They need it at the beginning of workout, whilst they are training and naturally after they have worked out.

The other protein, micellar works entirely opposite to whey. It is released gradually into the bloodstream, muscles and cells. Body builders would be wise to consume this type of protein at times when they do not eat and maybe at bed time. Because the proteins resides for a lot longer in the body it assists the body in marinating lean muscle mass.

Micellar indicates that the casein is taken out of (blank) milk without the contribution of chemicals. It filters in a special method so as not to detract from the all-natural advantages that are derived there from. Due to the manner in which it comes apart from the milk, it is thought to be very high quality source of protein.

Caseinates are also proteins however the method of processing this is unnatural as chemicals are required to achieve this. The process of triggering chemical reactions is known as denatured. It is advisable to pure micellar casein protein powder, it may be much more expensive but nevertheless results that you will obtain using it are well worth the extra money.

There are two words you must familiarize yourself with when researching about these proteins. These are, catabolic and anabolic. Catabolic is atrophy of the muscle and anabolic is converse to this, it is all about muscle development.

Micellar protein powder is known to promote lean and strong muscles. It will increase the amino acids for as much as 7 hours. This shocks and impresses researchers no end. This is what helps amino acids in keeping muscles that are under stress from weakening for a much longer time span than other proteins.

This protein is also responsible for strengthening the immune system. This is priceless since these days with all the viruses floating around we need to have real strong immune systems. Immunoglobulin as well as glutamine are ever present here and they are the best kind of amino acids which help in assimilation of protein into the system. This is especially beneficial for athletes as well as woman and body builders that place too much strain on their muscles whilst lifting weights and taking part in heavy duty activities and sports events.

Tissues in the body are also dependent on glutamine and this helps them to not deprive the muscles of this. The digestive tract lining is restored every three days as a result of glutamine ingestion.

Those that are lactose intolerant really should exercise caution with micellar casein protein. Digestive problems could possibly occur from ingestion of this for the lactose intolerant. There is also a condition known as anaphylaxis which can be life threatening. This a intense allergic reaction which can result in death. Fortunately  because the protein is not the milk it does not have an effect on people with that specific allergic reaction.

Always read through labels when looking at ingesting these products. Today technology has made possible much better tasting proteins. There was a school of thought that felt that these proteins where destroyed whenever coming into contact with gastric acid. This was in no way substantiated and it is the authors view that this was more to do with negative marketing on the account of rivals than actually the truth.

The majority of instructors, sports and nutrition experts are more than satisfied with the effects produced by the combined ingestion of these two proteins.

Micellar is right at the top of list when it comes to digesting it- The Food and Drug Administration board have a ranking system for the metabolism of various proteins. One is considered to be the highest. Having said that, it is intriguing to note than anything in excess of one is not utilized by the body and is consequently considered to be waste.

The people in the know tell us that MC forms a gel like material in the body and it is for this reason that the protein persists in the body for is long.

As mentioned earlier most people mistake this with whey as they both come from milk. There are those who talk about the benefits of fast or slow release protein. Others prefer to work with protein powder.

Common sense tells us that there is a place for both forms of the protein. Often the body needs a fast acting protein and then other situations that call for the protein to remain in the body for a more extended period of time.

This may be better explained by using your car as an example. If you want to overtake a car that is driving slowly, then you would speed up and that would cause you to overtake. Then you may be on a long, open and lonely road, you would then just cruise at one speed. This cruising would keep your fuel in your car’s tank for much longer.

The whey is what would cause you to ‘accelerate’ and pass the slower car. The other protein keeps all your body’s working parts, it feeds each of the parts that requires feeding and repairs muscles and stops muscle atrophy.

The process of synthesis of MC takes a number of hours before the right level of amino acid is reached in the body. It is obvious that this amazing protein requires time in order to carry out its task in the human body. Conversely whey is metabolized within an hour.

I hope that reading this article has given you better insight into what is micellar casein protein powder. It is also expected that you now have a better comprehending (blank) {|of} how it differs in functioning to whey protein.

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